B Course [Gyeonggi Western Area]

Security Experience Course

ราคา 340 บาท / ท่าน

√  ออกเดินทางทุกวัน ยกเว้นวันจันทร์

√  การันตี 1 ท่านเดินทาง

√  ราคานี้เป็นราคารถนำเที่ยว 1 วัน ตามโปรแกรมการเดินทางที่ระบุในตารางด้านล่าง

X  ราคานี้ไม่รวมค่าที่พักและอาหาร

X  ราคานี้ไม่รวมค่าเข้าชมสถานที่และค่ากิจกรรมอื่นๆ


Tour B Course


จุดที่ 1 Odusan Unification Tower ⇒ ขึ้นรถรอบแรกไปถึงเวลา 10.15 น. จากนั้นรอขึ้นรถรอบเวลา 12.15 น.
จุดที่ 2 Imjingak Park ⇒ เดินทางถึงเวลา 13.10 น. แล้วรอขึ้นรถรอบเวลา 14.00 น.
จุดที่ 3 ต้องเลือกระหว่าง Provence Village หรือ Heyri Art Valley
Provence Village ⇒ เดินทางถึงเวลา 14.40 น. รอรถรอบสุดท้ายมารับเวลา 16.40 น.
Heyri Artvalley ⇒ เดินทางถึงเวลา 14.30 น. รอรถรอบสุดท้ายมารับเวลา 16.30 น.
***รถนำเที่ยวมี 2 รอบต่อวัน ฉะนั้นเรื่องเวลาจึงสำคัญมาก กรุณาตรงต่อเวลา***
B course

Odusan Unification Tower

▶Hours of Operation: 09:00–17:00 (March–October), 09:00–16:30 (November–February)
▶Entry Free: Adults KRW 3,000 Children KRW 1,600
Once you ascend the observatory, you can take in the spectacle of Hangang River and Imjingang River intersecting as they flow into the western sea, as well as the mountains, streams, and people of North Korea’s Hwanghae-do at a glance.
Provence Village B

Provence Village

▶Hours of Operation: Open All Year Round
▶Entry Free: N/A
This themed village, which first began as a distinguished French restaurant in 1996,has now expanded into a space where anyone can take a break and relax.
Heyri Artvalley B

Heyri Artvalley

▶Hours of Operation: Closed on Mondays
▶Entry Free: N/A
Since the inaugural assembly in 1998, artists in Hey-ri have been building a cultural art space on approximately 50,000 m 2 of land.
Imjingak Park B

Imjingak Park

▶Hours of Operation: 09:00–18:00 (Open All Year Round)
▶Entry Free: N/A
This complex cultural space was built in the hopes of transforming the symbol of the tense division between South and North Korea into one of peace and unification.

Schedule B

Departure Information (Insa-dong)

Departure Time : Depart of Every Course is different, Please check
When using public transportation : get off at Jonggak Station(Line Number 1).
▷ Approximately one minute walk from exit number 3 or 3-1.
▷ Blue Bus 109, 151, 162, 172, 401, 406, 606, or 704 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
▷ Green Bus 7022, or 1020. Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
▷ Express Bus 1005-1, 5000, 5005, 5500, 5500-1, 5500-2, 7900, or 9000 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
▷ Red Bus 9401 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
Hongik Univ. Station

Departure Information (Hongik Univ. Station)

Departure Time : Depart of Every Course is different, Please check
Meeting Point : In front of Hongik Univ. Station Hanatour Big.
▷ When taking Subway Line.2 : Go out from Exit no.1
▷ When taking Subway of Airport Line : Go out from Exit no.3


1 Day Shuttle bus ticket, Tour Conductor



Admissions, Experience Fee, Personal Expense, Meals



· The shuttle bus ticket is individually delivered by email.
· The shuttle bus ticket is confirmed at least 3 days before the tour date.
· Please bring your original passport to confirm you identity.(we can not accept alien registration, written confirmation document, or copy of passport)


Know Before You Book

1. The itinerary is subject to change due to unexpected circumstances.
2. Except C Course, A or B course is excluded all the Meals, Admissions
3. It is recommended that you purchase an individual traveler’s insurance, and for this product, the insurance will be covered
only in case of the bus accident.


The cancellation policy for EG-Shuttle Bus

· For tour cancellation, the cancellation fee will be charged as following rates.
· Request of tour cancellation is based on business hours. (Weekdays 09:00-18:00, Not available on Weekends and Thailand & Korea Holidays)
- 4 days before cancellation : 100% refund
- 3 days before cancellation : 70% refund of the full amount
- 2 days before cancellation : 50% refund of the full amount
- 1 day before ~ the day of cancellation : Non-refundable
***In case of cancellations by accident injury, illness, hospitalization and death, the medical document is required to submit at least in 7 days prior to tour date for refund.